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  • Kuya J’s Impressive Set of New Dishes Left this Reviewer Completely Satiated. He’ll Be Coming Back.


    Rating: 9.8/10 Kulikots Best perk of being a Cebu Reviewer is getting an invitation from newly opened restaurants. We got one from the new Kuya J Restaurant at the ground-floor level of SM City Cebu. Armed with a notebook, a sharpened pencil … Read more>>

    Bucket Shrimps: Don’t Just Believe the Hype


    Rating: 8.9/10 Kulikots You know the food is good when you heard the word about it in the streets. If you are into reviewing restaurants, bistros or just a curious cat with a habit of slithering into people’s kitchen to get a taste of their … Read more>>

    15 Easy Ways to Add More Years to Your Life. I Love #8, Hahahaha.


    You don’t need the fountain of youth to stay young, healthy and live longer. All you need is taking good care of yourself every day and starting on effective good habits that promote healthier and happier life. You don't need science experts … Read more>>

    Pinoy Music Artists Say Thank You to the World for Yolanda Aid in This Moving Music Video

    Listen with Your Heart

    The country will always be grateful to the world for the help they offered to the Philippines just days after the super typhoon Yolanda wreaked its havoc, leaving enormous destruction of lives and properties on its wake. This beautiful 5-minute … Read more>>

    A Little Boy Unlocks the Secret of How to Understand Women. Truly Genius Advice.


    Scholars and professionals in the relationship advice field have tackled the problem of understanding women since time immemorial. They wracked their brains and spent millions of money looking for effective ways to start, mend or end … Read more>>

    A Father Followed His Son on His Daily Walk in the Neighborhood. What He Saw Melts My Heart.

    By churchofpizza

    This happened in a rural area in the Philippines. For about two weeks, the father noticed his little boy doing something out of the ordinary while taking his dog for a walk in the neighborhood. He decided to tag along one day with a camera in … Read more>>

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