• Cebu Reviews is a service site with a two-pronged raison d’être:


    First: Provide a platform for people, places, events, businesses, groups, etc, of general interest to introduce themselves to their target audiences;


    Second: Provide information to the general public so they can make the right decisions on things that concern them from day-to-day. Read more>>>  

  • How are Hotels Rated (and win a Cebu Reviews Mug by Doing Your Own Rating)


    Right across the controversial, earthquake and typhoon-ravaged CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) is a steel and concrete structure slowly reaching out to high Heavens as if imploring that it will be rated what it was rumored to be - a 4 … Read more>>

    Parkmall: Is it a Mall with a Mini – Zoo, or a Mini – Zoo inside a Mall?


    It is both - at least for four days last week (Apr. 23 to 26) when it held the Pet Festival for 2015 in its compound. Not that it was the first such activity ever held within its spacious ground (it was the first time for www.cebureviews.com, … Read more>>

    Choosing a Hotel or a Resort is like a Toss of a Dice: You Never Know What Comes Up


    Do you have problems in choosing a hotel or a resort? You are not alone. Travelers, occasional or frequent, are always confronted with the possibility of not getting what they expected; to feel being short-changed. I’ve been through a lot and … Read more>>

    ARTWORKS: Story of 4 Young Guys Sharing a Passion


    Along the southern hallway of Parkmall, Cebu, is an unobtrusive stall occupying roughly 5 sq ft of space, without a sign, and which you can easily pass unnoticed if your mind is somewhere else. But if you give it a closer look, you will notice … Read more>>

    Everything About BitCoin at The TIDE Cebu, Be There!


    Those who are interested in or confused about Bitcoin, and want to know more, here's your best chance to learn about Bitcoin and how to use it to your best advantage as an entrepreneur.       What: Let's talk about … Read more>>

    Mandaue City Vet Department Offers Free Services For Pets at Parkmall


    Last Friday, February 27, 2015, more than twenty male dogs and about 10 female dogs were neutered at Parkmall, Mandaue City -- free of charge. It was an event hosted by the Mandaue City Veterinary Department, which also marked their 17th Founding … Read more>>

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